The perfect age is now – stepping into 60


My Dad and I – Father’s Day 2017

As I look at this photograph above of my sweet Dad and myself – I see so much in the actual photograph.  We are celebrating a new year, at my brother (Gary) and sister-in-law’s new home (Cindy).  The clock on the wall (is a family heirloom) it was a main stay in my home growing up in Anaheim, California.  I believe the clock it over 60 years old, and a treasured piece as we grew up.  The clock was the how we learned to tell time and it served as a strong influence over the many years in the Zager household.  Behind my shoulder is my beautiful niece Alex, getting ready to depart to Paris for a new role as an Au Pair for a french family.


Toast to my new Daughter in law 2016

New beginnings – I am now a Mother-in-law twice to Jessica Lynn (seen above in Santa Monica) and my other new daugher in law Jessica Marie (seen below).  So happy to step into a new role  – as I had always wanted daughters.


Two new sets of newlyweds – all grown up and ready to begin a new chapter.  I feel blessed.  So happy for both couples and so proud of them each.


Through the years I have learned about the different stages of being a Mom.  The last 10 months seeing both of my sons marry absolutely incredible women and moving forward into adult life; I know I set a good example.

Here’s to moving gracefully into the next decade – stepping into 60.  So thankful to my wonderful family, work colleagues, many friends and neighbors who are helping me celebrate the whole month long of September.

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Fearless Pursuit

This gallery contains 1 photo.

CAbi’s Fearless Fall Fashion Preview and Luncheon was held at Dad Miller Golf Course in Anaheim, California today and I was lucky enough to be invited. For those folks that have not heard yet of CAbi – CAbi is a … Continue reading

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Make-up awareness

Recently I was invited by a good friend to attend an event at a new store opening. She is a makeup artist and wanted to update my look. As we age sometimes we forget to replace and change out our cosmetics. I for one – get set into a routine and forget the shelf life of my make-up.

For Foundation – It’s best to replace them after 12 to 18 months. Any makeup formula containing water is at a higher risk for bacterial contamination.

Serum – Can last about 16 months depending on the ingredients. Having your serums inside an airtight pump or tube protects from bacteria and exposure to air.

I am appreciative to Michele Siebert for being my makeup guru and help me stay on top of my game.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

The Inn at Spanish Bay – Pebble Beach, CA

This photo was taken in 2008 at the elegant and peaceful resort called Inn at Spanish Bay.

The bagpipers at sunset is a must see especially with a glass a wine.  I promised my husband we could take this trip and since he is a golfer – he totaled enjoyed it.  So very romantic !



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Featured Image -- 2289

It’s a new year; 2017 and for many like myself a new start. The photo above represents “path” it was taken on our honeymoon in Bora Bora. I see the new year as a path, a journey to continue exploring life. We always start the new year with a promise or a vow to better one’s self.  A resolution or perhaps many resolutions — Here’s to finding the best way to start on our “path”.  Happy New Year —





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New beginnings

This Christmas will be the first Christmas without my mother; she passed away in February 2016. The holidays are rough without her and we are trying new traditions this year. Although the three of us kids are still grieving  – we are challenging the grief to move us forward.  Into a place of joy and to prove that she taught us all to love and to realize there is no recovery.  My Mother always used to say, “Life continues, Life goes on…Life is for the living.”

Our loved ones will be remembered – as we keep telling the stories making the recipes and singing the songs. My Mom always prided herself with an excellent voice and sang extra loud in church; this year I will sing out loud the Christmas carols and think of her.


Gary 60th party

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Santa Claus is coming to town – or Memories from my Dad’s Rotary Christmas Party


As a child between the years of 1960 to 1971, once a year my Dad would take us kids to his inclusive Rotary Club Annual Holiday Luncheon.  We would celebrate and eat lunch with the all the members of the elite men’s service club of Garden Grove, California. It was such a treat and a pleasure for many reasons!
• My Mom would dress us up in our best clothing
• We got out of the school for the day
• We were spending time with my Dad
• And sometimes my older brother would perform his magic tricks for the entire group
Last night as I was doing the routine grocery shopping for the house; I heard a popular tune come on in the grocery store. The song was “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and I immediately thought of the memories of attending the Rotary Christmas parties with my two brothers, Gary and Drew and my Dad.
That song was the theme song for that “event” – it is amazing how one Christmas song can transcend you through 50 years back to the days of middle class America, attending a Rotary Holiday party.


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Photo journal – Thankful


2016 – Trabuco Canyon, California 

Thanksgiving Day 


1976 – Anaheim, California 

My immediate family 

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A well planned wedding

It does not matter the color scheme…..

It does not matter what is served for dinner….

What does matter is the love between the bride and the groom – three weeks ago my son married the woman of his dreams.  The most important part  – it was event that Guests will never forget.  Everyone kept their cool !  Congrats to Cameron and Jessica.




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Bridal Shower weekend in Bay Area

I feel blessed……

I feel lucky……

In just a few short months my oldest son is getting married to a beautiful, intelligent woman.  Here are scenes from her bridal shower. We all have waited a long time, now it’s becoming a reality…pretty soon we will  have Mr. & Mrs. Bride and Groom.  Love is wonderful when you find the right one.  Here’s to Cameron and Jessica Lynn, Congratulations and I can hardly wait for the nuptials.


beaming Jessica Lynn



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