New beginnings

This Christmas will be the first Christmas without my mother; she passed away in February 2016. The holidays are rough without her and we are trying new traditions this year. Although the three of us kids are still grieving  – we are challenging the grief to move us forward.  Into a place of joy and to prove that she taught us all to love and to realize there is no recovery.  My Mother always used to say, “Life continues, Life goes on…Life is for the living.”

Our loved ones will be remembered – as we keep telling the stories making the recipes and singing the songs. My Mom always prided herself with an excellent voice and sang extra loud in church; this year I will sing out loud the Christmas carols and think of her.


Gary 60th party

About Poisematters

Lori is a recognized Protocol and Etiquette expert who received her training in 1997 from The Protocol School of Washington. Lori is certified and trained in International and Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instruction. Lori began her career with the Disneyland Resort in 1975 and has over 45 years of service with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. In 2001, Lori Dominguez received the Orange County Tourism Council's Service Excellence award in the area of accommodations (Hotels). Lori continues teaching workshops on Protocol & Etiquette to local schools in Southern California including Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona and Chapman University. She enjoys Fashion, blogging, being a dog mom, loves social media and travel. Her family includes two grown sons; a husband who is recently retired from teaching; and one very spoiled Bernese Mountain Dog.
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4 Responses to New beginnings

  1. Your mother was a beautiful woman. Wish you all the best for the holidays.

  2. rosiemcneil says:

    I can completely relate, I really missed my Dad this year who passed away 3 years ago. Every Christmas I hang an ornament on his tree to symbolize he is still with me in my heart. Thanks for sharing – Rosie

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