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a wish for peace & happiness throughout the season….

May your hearts be filled with the true magic and meaning of Christmas ! Happy Holidays from your friends at Poisematters

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Sometimes you just want to let someone special know how much they mean to you….

My Mom – the world’s a kinder, gentler place because you occupy some space Bravo,  Hooray…… It’s a fabulous day … Thanks Mom – for your heart of Gold!

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What happens when you try to take a family photo?

This photograph was taken about 5 years ago, and it still makes me chuckle.  The day was Thanksgiving and we were trying to place everyone is a chair or bar stool so that they would be seen and not hidden … Continue reading

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all Moms are working moms – Inspiration seen today

All mothers work, but for some of us who are employed outside of the home, life can be full of trials and challenges. This morning I was inspired by seeing my manicurist’s husband and small daughter (18 mos.old) come by … Continue reading

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Fashion Accessories – defined

Accessories – Noun:  A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. or – A small article or item of clothing carried or worn to compliment a garment or outfit. … Continue reading

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Who is your celebrity style icon? Depending on your generation….

How to dress like one of Hollywood’s greatest style Icons? My mother’s generation had wonderful beauty and fashion Icons, such as: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly – the Princess of Monaco and Her Serene Highness Jane Fonda Today’s young ladies have … Continue reading

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Pictures may tell a 1,000 words even if you don’t know the whole story

A snapshot above of my two sons with my parents, circa: 1990.  Medieval Times, Buena Park, California for the 7th birthday of Cameron.  Why was he making that face?  Grandparents and kids….how lovely for my Mom to sit through the … Continue reading

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Love the Coat !! remember when your greatest fashion find was a new coat or cape

Fashions come and go but a bold coat in a different color hue…. adds to the other pieces in my closet.  For the last 12 years I have been collecting one of kind coats that I bought new in a … Continue reading

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