When can ladies wear White Pants?

Ask any women and she will tell you that of all the articles of clothing that inspire anxiety and worry, most would have to say that it is  white pants.  White pants hold a special place in the person’s closet of woe.  Miniskirts, strapless tops, bare-toed sandals also share that quite nothing lays bare the nexus of bad body image and fashion faux pas like plain white pants!  Black pants are your friend, if not your salvation.  But – White Pants are a tempting but treacherous foe.  So – why do women worry so much about White Pants?

So here’s the scoop, the fashion monarchy has decreed that white is safe and good for all.  Today in 2012, White jeans are pretty much okay now all year round. In the past the rule was white slacks, pants, trousers were blessed between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day in September.  Today – some of the fashion rules have gone out the window, so when you do start wearing white pants? The wearing of white jeans or slacks also depends on many of the situations listed below?

  • Do you have small children (hence they will be wiping their hands on your white pants)
  • Do you have a dog or cat?
  • What type of fabric are your white or off white slacks made out of?
  • Where are you going, and will your slacks become dirty?
  • White pants are not really flattering unless you’re thin, really skinny?
  • Will you be riding on the back of your boyfriend’s motorcycle?

I live in Southern California and sometimes I feel like I have a free pass to wear White Jeans all year-long, due to my geography.  But as we age and worry about our body image, winter reminds us of the coats we can pile on to hide our silhouette.  I also love to add metallic belts in gold or silver with my white slacks!!

Wearing white jeans or white pants is not about Size, it’s about confidence.  I have a good friend in Boston, and she says she will never ride the Subway with her white slacks on.  She also says, consider the size of the butt – when you wear White pants….

Seen below I am shown wearing white (nice) jeans speaking to the officers of the DCL Disney Wonder.  Happy to report that I wore my white pants with a long pink tunic top to dinner on the ship and I would not hesitate to wear them again on a cruise.


About Poisematters

Lori is a recognized Protocol and Etiquette expert who received her training in 1997 from The Protocol School of Washington. Lori is certified and trained in International and Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instruction. Lori began her career with the Disneyland Resort in 1975 and has over 40 years of service with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. In 2001, Lori Dominguez received the Orange County Tourism Council's Service Excellence award in the area of accommodations (Hotels). Lori continues teaching workshops on Protocol & Etiquette to local schools in Southern California including Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona and Chapman University. She enjoys Fashion, blogging, being a dog mom, loves social media and travel. Her family includes two grown sons; a husband who is a high school biology teacher; and one very spoiled Bernese Mountain Dog.
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3 Responses to When can ladies wear White Pants?

  1. Tina Schell says:

    This post cracked me up. I just wore my white jeans for the first time this year and I really stressed over whether it was too early in the season LOL. I was SO happy to be back in them, and since it was 80 degrees here I figured it was OK even if it WAS before Memorial Day 🙂 Thanks for the confirmation !

    • Poisematters says:

      Hello Tina – thanks for reading my blog and making the nice comments…..
      Tomorrow I am wearing my white jeans on Mother’s Day and thought of you !

  2. J Stella says:

    I’m lucky to be slender so white slacks aren’t a big problem that way. Problem is I can’t keep them clean from the house to the car!

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