My two favorite BEAUTY products

I have a confession, I am a make-up junkie….I am not sure what year it all started, but I love Make-up, beauty products, the art of the Illusion, all things that have to do with Glamour.  Aging sucks, looking beautiful is looking hip and up to date.  It is critical to every woman to have her own personal styling tools.  Just above is a photo of my two favorites items from Benefit.  Benefit has a vast array of different types of coverage and blending them for your age and your style.

My new saying is…..”Priming the Canvas”  Before applying anything to your face you need to prime the canvas. The tube above on the left is called POREfessional and the idea is to minimize the appearance of pores. You pat the product on the areas of your face that start to show shine during the day or apply whenever pores come out of hiding.  I like to keep it in my bag for touch ups during the day.

The second product to the right is called ERASE PASTE – and its sort of like the “un do” button on your computer.  ERASE PASTE from Benefit brightens and camouflage for the eyes and face, its sort of like liquid paper, minus the paper.  So its cheating a bit – because with these two products you are going to look beautiful.

Enjoy….Happy Holidays to all my Divas friends


About Poisematters

Lori is a recognized Protocol and Etiquette expert who received her training in 1997 from The Protocol School of Washington. Lori is certified and trained in International and Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instruction. Lori began her career with the Disneyland Resort in 1975 and has over 40 years of service with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. In 2001, Lori Dominguez received the Orange County Tourism Council's Service Excellence award in the area of accommodations (Hotels). Lori continues teaching workshops on Protocol & Etiquette to local schools in Southern California including Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona and Chapman University. She enjoys Fashion, blogging, being a dog mom, loves social media and travel. Her family includes two grown sons; a husband who is a high school biology teacher; and one very spoiled Bernese Mountain Dog.
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  1. Rosita says:

    I’ve been with May Kay Cosmetics for over 22 years and would love to pamper you and get your opinion on our products! Check out my website

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