Remembering Robin Williams – from my days at Disneyland

I will never forget the first time I met Robin Williams – the year was 1991. I was a VIP Tour Guide Hostess at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Robin had just finished up making the movie “Hook” and was taking a short break to come and have lunch with two old friends.
Demi Moore and Glenn Close amongst others in the party.

Robin was funny and loved the park, he danced around New Orleans Square prior to lunch at the Blue Bayou. I had the honor and the privilege to be his tour guide 5 different times at Disneyland. He was kind, generous, interested in others and all around good guy. He would speak in several different accents all the time; from ordering his food – to asking a simple question.



After his many trips to Disneyland, he sent me a gift to my home. It was the an autographed copy of the script “Hook”, he was one of a kind. He will certainly be missed by many.

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Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air

This past weekend, my hubby and I went to the movies and saw the new Romantic Comedy called, “And so it goes” directed by Rob Reiner and starring two heavy hitters, Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas.

The opening shot of the movie showed a beautiful small town on the East coast and the music playing in the background and featured was the famous and classic song written by Joni Mitchell “Both Sides now” – some call the music “Bows and flows of angel hair”.

The movie is truly targeted at the aging baby boomers and is a wonderful 94 minute flick. I loved it! I won’t give away the plot of the storyline – but I think there is something for everyone in the movie. You simply leave the theater feeling good and it all started with the wonderful song and the great writing.







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Day trip to the newly renovated Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum


Last Friday my husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. It was not only unique and very entertaining but it was a stroll down memory lane. Sometimes we forget the early days of President Reagan. From a movie star to holding the office of Governor of California to then becoming the 40th President of the United States. The exhibits are historical with photographs and letters spanning over President Reagan’s life. My most favorite part of the day was seeing Air Force One up close and inside and the interactive Protocol & Etiquette game of planning a “State Dinner”. The grounds of the library are beautiful and it is a must see travel destination when in Southern California.


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Random acts of kindness

Last Thursday, I came home from work and found 3 new plants in my front yard? At first – I thought it might be a nice gesture of a neighbor or even my father or our gardner. All of these likely sources denied planting anything in our yard. It was quite a mystery to my husband and I….we kept asking family members, neighbors and none of them owned up to the mystery planting.

The three little plants are lovely and it appears that they might be plumerias or fuschias. Needless to say we are enjoying them – and we still don’t know who did the good deed – there was no note or message; just freshly raked dirt and lovely plants. Below is a quick snapshot from my iPhone of the plants.


There is another group of gardeners that perform yard work in our neighborhood and usually on Saturdays; often my husband will take them out some cold drinks and says hello to them in Spanish. I am now thinking it might be their good deed.

Random acts of kindness are just that….good deeds at random and most of time they are anonymous. No matter when they occur – the lesson is to treat others with kindness everyday. Happy July 8th, here’s your official invitation to treat someone with kindness.

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Role Models, Values and Relationships

Few of us have role models or leaders we look up to; but today I was re-united with a former co-worker and friend and my ultimate role model. We have something unique in common we both performed the same job role ….but our jobs were 15 years apart. Many of you know from reading my blog – that I am currently in my dream job at work. I love my job, I won’t lie it is hard but it is about building relationships, having teamwork and treating all with respect.

Frankie Walters is one of those special people, with a genuine need to develop and pass on what she learned over her 24 year career. She has coached numerous clients and teaches professional image and workplace etiquette.

One of her favorite quotes is….”the best jobs don’t always go to the most skilled applicants but to those who present their qualifications the best.” Her book is called, “Country Values…City Wise”, Lessons in personal development and workplace savvy.


Today was an incredible day to be able to have lunch with Frankie and spend some time with her, I can honestly say she is one of my heroes.

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“experiences are the only possessions that count”
-author unknown


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Sharing images


The year was 1984, the summer Olympics were being hosted in Southern California. HRH Princess Anne came to Disneyland for an official tour, I was the lucky one to spend the day with her.

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Memorial Day 2014

My husband and I were off from work for four incredible days together; which rarely happens ever. We did some DIY projects in the backyard, we had dinner out & saw the new “Blended” movie with Drew Barrymore.
My puppy, Duke kept looking at us and wondering when are they going back to work? At 16 mos. – he is still counting on two long naps per day.
He is the “prince” of the house and we love him so – our Bernese Mt. dog.


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Celebrating May Day

This week, I am getting together with my girlfriends for dinner and some girl talk. I am excited to see them and catch up on the current events.
When I wrote down the date or actually when I entered the date of Thursday on my iPhone to meet my gal pals – I then realized it is May 1st or rather May Day.

May 1st (May Day) is celebrated in many places around the world. The annual traditions may vary from country to country; however one thing we all have in common about May Day is celebrating with flowers. When I was a small child in the 1960’s attending Catholic School in California; a popular activity was to bring flowers to school and decorate a May Day pole with colorful flowers and ribbons. I have fond memories of asking my Mom and Dad for some flowers from the Garden to bring to school.
we also would bring flowers to lay at the Virgin Mary statue at school – that was over 50 years ago and I can still remember it vividly. What memories do you have of May Day?



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What’s better than a field trip to Disneyland on St.Patrick’s Day with your Catholic School


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014 – this story first ran last year, enjoy.
– Lori

Originally posted on Poise Matters:

tumblr_lq1sclHCRA1qf6jy9o1_1280 I grew up in Southern California during the 1960’s and went to Catholic School with my brothers for 7 years. Each year on St. Patrick’s Day we were able to attend a school sponsored field trip and went to Disneyland with our lay teachers, Nuns and Priests for a day of fun.

Many things have changed today in schools – but attending Disneyland as a child with your teacher was a lot of fun.  I especially remember the Nuns (ours were from Ireland, and belonged to the Sisters of Charity) riding the attractions in their habits.

I am not sure – if we had the park to ourselves, or if the general public was also allowed in; but a good time was had by all. Those were great childhood memories that I will never forget.


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