What’s better than a field trip to Disneyland on St.Patrick’s Day with your Catholic School


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014 – this story first ran last year, enjoy.
- Lori

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tumblr_lq1sclHCRA1qf6jy9o1_1280 I grew up in Southern California during the 1960′s and went to Catholic School with my brothers for 7 years. Each year on St. Patrick’s Day we were able to attend a school sponsored field trip and went to Disneyland with our lay teachers, Nuns and Priests for a day of fun.

Many things have changed today in schools – but attending Disneyland as a child with your teacher was a lot of fun.  I especially remember the Nuns (ours were from Ireland, and belonged to the Sisters of Charity) riding the attractions in their habits.

I am not sure – if we had the park to ourselves, or if the general public was also allowed in; but a good time was had by all. Those were great childhood memories that I will never forget.


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Kevin – saying goodbye to a lifelong friend

This evening my family and I attended a memorial service for a dear friend, Kevin Geier. He had lost his battle with cancer and passed away last week – he was a wonderful man of 62 years.

We lived across the street from one another and later in life he married one of my dearest friends, Heidi. We shared many memories throughout the years – as he did with many of his friends. The common thread we had was that we grew up on Tonia Court and our families spent time together celebrating holidays such as Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years Eve.
There were rights of passage – when I turned 21 years old – he and my older brother took me to my first nightclub to buy me the first alcoholic beverage.
Heidi and Kevin married in 1980 and one year later I had married in 1981; our first born children were one day apart. We shared raising our kids together (he was my son’s Little League coach) and his wife and I remained close through years of working together at Disney.
Why is it so hard to say goodbye? Rest in peace my friend – we will miss you!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

My older brother, Gary (seen here in back row with beard) recently had his DNA analyzed for ethnicity.  It was pretty interesting to see the break down in percentages; and since my brother and I share the same Mom and Dad – I believe my DNA is exactly the same!  Thanks dear brother for doing all the work.  Now we know our ethnic origins and where our ancestors once lived. 

Since the weekly photo challenge is FAMILY – Here is our family from 2010.  My two good looking sons are in first row on the two ends.  Don’t all Mothers believe there children are the most fabulous in the world?IMG_0134

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Some Polite New Year’s Resolutions


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Pop some champagne and let’s resolve to be better people this year.
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While you are coming up with your 2014 New Year’s resolutions, why not consider resolving to be more polite and considerate in the coming year? You’re already ahead of the game by reading this website!

Some ideas:

  • Write thank you notes in a timely manner.
  • Be more aware of people who might need a seat on the subway and offer yours to them.
  • Be cheerful and polite when dealing with others, especially in the service industry. Say please and thank you.
  • Finally learn which bread plate is yours! (Hint, it’s on the left).
  • RSVP for every event you are invited to.
  • Maybe this year you will be on time for everything.

Tell us your New Year’s Resolutions (polite or otherwise) in the comments!

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Ingredients for hosting a great Christmas

During the holidays, we like to keep things simple at our house. From DIY decor, easy appetizers and of course fun with friends and family. This year we ordered some of the entrees for our Christmas Dinner from Stefano’s Goldenbaked Hams in Yorba Linda, California. They make everything just a little bit easier and also offer complete dinners by calling them just a few days before Christmas. Below is a picture of “Lauren” one of their great Customer Service representatives. She made everything so easy and festive – especially wearing a reindeer hat while at the busy cashier station. Thanks Lauren for always taking care of our family. photo

We also have a tradition on Christmas Morning of making Dutch Babies pancakes, we all love to eat these and they are warm and light yet quick to make.

All you need is the following ingredients:

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup of sifted all-purpose flour

1 pinch of ground nutmeg

a pinch of salt

2 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar for dusting

Directions – Place a 10 inch cast iron skillet inside of the oven and preheat over to 475 degrees F or 245 degrees C.

In a medium bowl, beat eggs with a whisk until light.  Add milk and stir. Gradually whisk in flour, nutmeg and salt.  Remove skillet from oven and reduce oven temp to 425 degrees F or 220 degrees C. Melt butter in hot skillet so that inside of skillet is completely coated with butter.  Pour all the batter in the skillet and return skillet to oven.   Bake until puffed and lightly browned, about 12 minutes.  Remove promptly and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  This is will serve 2 adults – enjoy.

photo_4This year we also included a signature Holiday drink for our 35 adult Guests.  We called it Rudolph’s Red Nosed Reindeer Spritzer and below are the ingredients for the punch.

8 oz of orange juice

2 1/2 oz vodka

1 oz. maraschino cherry juice

1/2 oz. lemon juice

3 oz. lemon lime soda

Rosemary sprigs and lemon wheels

We used the party size batch, and up the proportions


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CAbi, CAbi and more 2013

It’s funny when you think about it, how much color can dictate our lives; green means go, red means stop, yellow means slow down….usually…but in the case of  “CAbi’s Fall 2013 Collection”, it was full speed ahead.


I love my CAbi independent  consultant – her name is Tina Zlaket and she is wonderful.

Have you ever heard of the saying…”It is far better to give than to receive…”?   Well – this time she out did herself with adding to my Cabi collection with the Fleather Fingerless Gloves, I am in LOVE.  They are paired perfect with the Green with Envy outfit, that I wore to my niece’s wedding (Rebecca Taylor) in August.




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Wasn’t it just yesterday my boys were young?

Tonight I was thinking about the best part of my children coming home at Christmas time and I would have to say; it was hearing them snore while asleep.  Nothing is better than all of your family asleep under ONE roof.  Both of my sons snore, and you can actually distinguished which one it is.  Combined with my dog and Husband it is a full chorus of manly snores.


My sons are now men; and no longer come over to spend the night on Christmas Eve.  I miss that. Wasn’t it just yesterday they were learning to drive?  Wasn’t it just yesterday they were baking cookies with me and pleading to lick the batter off of the beaters?  Wasn’t it just yesterday – we were going to church together and racing home to open presents from Santa Claus.



For all those Moms and Dads out there in the world, enjoy every minute of your children’s childhood.  Treasure it, hold on to it, take notes, take photographs.  Savor the memories, from the wall in the garage where you would measure their height, to the anticipation of them coming home after a long day.  I used to love hearing the garage door opener engage knowing it was one of my sons returning home.


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My little puppy will celebrate his first birthday soon

It is hard to believe Duke is turning one year old on Monday, December 16, 2013.
It has been such an adventure the last ten months of his puppyhood. He never ceases to amaze me; sure we lost shoes, eyeglasses and even watches to his natural sense of needing a chew toy. But we are totally in love with this Bernese Mountain Dog. He is definitely one of a kind.



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Healthy, happy puppy: Our story of using a great Dog Breeder

Last year, we lost our beloved 11 year old female Bernese Mountain Dog to cancer. She passed away in September of 2012; and we were devastated. She was our best friend, companion and I could go on and on but I won’t. Our adult son, Cameron suggested that we get a new puppy from the same breeder that we bought our first Bernese Mountain Dog from, her name is Lorie Conway.


I explained to Cameron that Lorie and her husband were no longer living in the area. He suggested that we “google” the name of the breeder and “wha laa” we found her ! My husband called Lorie on the day after Christmas, she had moved to Northern California to have a larger ranch to raise dogs and goats.



We were in luck….Lorie Conway, our breeder said to my Husband a new liter was born on December 16, 2012 and there was 10 puppies. She said the puppies would be ready for purchase on February 9th, and she would reserve one for us. We were jumping for joy, and so happy. The entire experience was a win, win from the time we placed the phone call to the day we picked up our precious Duke. Lorie is definitely in the right business, she truly loves all of her dogs. She is strict about care and feeding and makes a contract with each of her families. She has emails and directions for the home time with your new puppy from Vaccination schedules, advice on puppy visits to the Vet, grooming tips and basically her goal is to give you and your pet the best possible send off for a healthy happy dog. She even goes so far – to tell you how much they can weigh and how many pounds per month.


This is our second Bernese Mountain Dog from this breeder, and our nephew Andrew and his wife also purchased a puppy from Lorie Conway. Being a responsible pet owner starts by selecting the right breeder, and we certainly did. Today Duke is 11 mos old and weighs 100 pounds, we picked him up at Lorie’s ranch weighing 12.9 pounds and he was the size of my husband’s shoe. He has grown into a strong, sturdy male Bernese Mountain Dog, and for us he is a family pet. We love Duke!




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Immediate Family

A picture is worth 1000 words. I am the middle child, lucky to have two great brothers and fabulous parents.  Where are my sisters?  My older brother is 5 years my senior; my younger brother is 2 years behind me.  Being a middle child really has not been so bad; especially when you are the only girl in the family.  My brothers treated me like a princess; and still are close to me.  Being the only girl in the family – there was no competition since they ruled the sports fields and I opted out.  I never had to wear hand me downs; since being the only girl it seems that I was lucky to always receive new clothes.  So what does birth order personality really mean?  Feel free to share your experience and drop me a line or a comment.  We always said to my Mom, that her baby (3rd child) was her favorite; but now 53 years later …I know my Mom and Dad had no favorites.  They loved us all the same.


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